The Countdown

Since the end of last year, we have been hoping, wondering, dreaming, scheming and planning. The kids are at the right age, leave has been granted, a business has been sold and new plans have been hatched.

And so, the stars have finally aligned and we are officially heading to Europe for 6 months!! Hurray!!

And while this blog has been dormant for *gasp* 8 months, we have been putting a lot of wheels in motion. But of course, I have also been cooking and while my enthusiasm for dazzling family meals waxes and wanes, great things have been achieved at the stove. So while I will bring back the healthy family meals documentation along with some diligent meal planning, I will also start documenting all the planning stages of our upcoming trip.

A lot of planning is required to get us all ready to depart. But I am already imagining delicious meals created in our camper van, local ingredients and seasonal delights. I am dreaming of all of the regional specialities we will discover and hopefully recreate…..But before I get ahead of myself I will backtrack a bit and let you in on our planned itinerary, yes?

We are heading to Switzerland on the 21st June and will be spending a few weeks with my mum and visiting friends. Hiking is high on my list, as is lazing on the shores of crystal clear lakes. Then off to Paris, followed by Amsterdam to pick up our Camper. From then on its free wheeling through Belgium (Moules et frites and Chocolates anyone?), France (oh, where to begin?), Austria (Schnitzels and Strudel), Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Morocco….you get the idea.

But again, I am getting a bit ahead of myself. Back to home cooking and meal planning I think. I have been getting very serious with my meal planning. Mostly, it is driven to economise our food budget, while still eating well. Over the past couple of months I have played around with some of our favourites and discovered a few new dishes that are easy, fast and cheap to make. A one-pot dish I have made several times now it by a fellow blogger who is totally inspiring me with her cooking and philosophy. Alexx Stuart from Low Tox Life. Her one pot roast chicken curry is my quintessential family meal that ticks all of my boxes.

Chicken curry Pot Roast, go check it out and try it. It is so delicious and perfect, I have made no changes to her recipe. Sometimes it is just so beautiful to be able to spend 5 minutes getting everything into a pot, forgetting about it for a few hours and then to sit down to a fragrant and delicious family meal without having slaved for hours in the kitchen.

pot curry

This is the before picture. Everything literally sprinkled and poured over the chook, then in the oven it goes.

Try it. You will love the extra time you have to just sit and dream, imagine and plot….


Buon apetito






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