Hey there, welcome to my page

I will not bore you with my lengthy bio. This page is simply a journal to optimal health through food, exercise and mindful living.

I have had my fare struggles with weight gain and low energy over the past 10 years or so and have devoted much of that time refining my diet and lifestyle. Some of my attempts were futile while other gave me some rewards. I have toyed with your typical diet systems like Weight Watchers, consumed my fare share of low-fat and diet products (gasp) and sporadically exercised without much enthusiasm.

Having children has reignited my passion for food and my inquisitive nature. I wanted to give my babies the best start in life, loving good food and growing healthy and well. Having a proud Swiss/Italian heritage, I was well equipped to introduce them to the bounty of whole food, joy and pleasure of eating. After all, we Italians practically invented joyful eating….

While my children thrived, I clearly neglected too listen to my own body. With babies came fatigue, weight gain and brain fog. But only 10 years into my parenting adventure did I finally begin to take some time out, turn my listening inwards and started to take my body and need seriously. Cooking has always been my passion, so I turned my passion into research and through trial and error, I refined my own diet and in turn, my families. I discovered what foods made me feel alive and energised, what what food made me tired and bloated. No surprised there, I reluctantly reduced my wheat/gluten intake, as well as dairy and sugar.

While we don’t have any overt allergies, I have discovered that we all function better on a whole food diet, swapping wheat flour for gluten free varieties, processed dairy milk with raw milk or nut milks, refined sugar with coconut/maple/rice malt or xylitol. Our pantry also does not contain any processed foods, thus avoiding any preservatives, colouring or artificial flavours

Over time I have played with vegetarian, vegan and paleo diet. These days I prefer to avoid labels, but simply try to provide my family and my body what it needs. Mostly, this is called Real Food. Cooking from scratch, including plenty of raw vegetables, the occasional bone broth, some pulses, lots of nuts and seeds. We do eat organic chicken when its available but do limit red meat. We are hoping to soon welcome some chickens to our family, so that we can have our own eggs. If I can source raw milk, we certainly enjoy it, but we are by all means not guzzling it by the class full.

Exercise is also playing a huge role in my mental and physical wellbeing. Its a bit like a catch 22. If I don’t exercise, I tend to make less than optimal choices. My mood is low and I feel lethargic. But it is a bit like brushing teeth. It just has to be done. After a few sessions of dragging my feet to the gym, my motivation and mood are on the up again and I am rocking in the kitchen.

I love to play with food and new ingredients. I am cooking for a family, which consist of one fussy, one omnivore and one aspiring little chef. The husbo is trying to be adventurous and a good sport, but he would be happy with cheese toasties, pasta and steak if it was up to him. Lucky for him, I am doing the cooking in this house.

I hope you will find some inspiration and useful information on these pages. As I grow and learn, so will this blog.





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